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Dave’s Hot Chicken

When John approached his first Dave’s Hot Chicken in North Hollywood, he was shocked at how long the line was. He ordered a Combo #3 to try both the slider and the tender. Both were equally as mind blowing. That flavour was unlike anything he had tasted. He immediately called Blair and said “I just tried the greatest chicken ever and we have to bring this to Canada”.

Pizza Shab (pizza)

Pizza Shab offering different taste of deep dish pizza and snack. Our dough is daily made.
در پیتزا شب شما میتوانید طعمی متفاوت را تجربه کنید.
یکی از این تفاوت ها خمیر پیتزا شب می باشد که روزانه برای شما عزیزان آماده می شود
Today, we still believe in giving you the best. Because of this, we pride ourselves on having fresh, local ingredients every day. We like to think of our food as Persian comfort food.

1978 Yonge St
(416) 551 – 4999

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The Butcher’s Son

Inspired by old world butcher shops, The Butcher’s Son offers a wide range of fresh meats, poultry and game from outstanding local farms. Choose from beautifully marbled top cuts of Australian Waygu, Canadian Prime, USDA Prime along with the finest Canada AAA Grade, traditionally raised chicken, Ontario pork and lamb, and a superb selection of game meats such as duck, quails, venison, elk and more. All of our meats are carefully chosen and custom cut to your specifications.