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Café Plenty

Since 2011 we’ve been on a mission to bring people together through really good food and coffee. Our locations have been a big part of that mission – they are meant to be a cozy, welcoming spot to meet up with friends, family or colleagues and bond over a savoury or sweet bite.

Make it Good Good

Your go-to for curated everything
We’re here to create a new future for local commerce, and we’re thinking big. Less selling at people, and more connecting with people. Our ultimate goal is to connect local makers with their community through authentic online and retail experiences, making their lives a little easier, a little more convenient, and a little more delightful. GoodGood’s handpicked selection of makers reflects our community.

Locally curated coffee, beverages, snacks, and everyday essentials (and okay, some non-essentials too) that are available in-store, and can be delivered to you in under an hour? Nice. But community is about more than just coming to you, it’s about offering a destination for discovery and connection: and that’s exactly what our neighbourhood cafés are about. Each element of the space is intentionally designed to spark curiosity. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee welcomes you, while our functional design allows communities to come together. Aspirational? Maybe. We told you we’re thinking big.

1909 Yonge St (corner of Yonge & Davisville)

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Dave’s Hot Chicken

When John approached his first Dave’s Hot Chicken in North Hollywood, he was shocked at how long the line was. He ordered a Combo #3 to try both the slider and the tender. Both were equally as mind blowing. That flavour was unlike anything he had tasted. He immediately called Blair and said “I just tried the greatest chicken ever and we have to bring this to Canada”.

Hale Coffee Company

We are an independently owned and operated specialty coffee roastery and coffee house. We started in 2013 with the dedication to source only the highest quality coffee from farms around the world right back to our shop and into your hands. Freshly roasted with meticulous care at our Toronto roastery, our approachable and accessible coffees bring crisp flavor and smiles with every sip.

2149 Yonge St – Farm Boy entrance

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Yaksha South East Asian Eatery

Freshly new concept at Midtown Toronto .
The Best of South East Asian Food, as authentic as it can be, in a form of rice bowl

2109 1/2 Yonge St
[email protected]

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The Medley

About The Club

The Medley, Toronto’s new supper club and show lounge, offers an unforgettable Toronto nightlife experience, combining performances by Canada’s best with exceptional dining in an elegant setting.

Located on Yonge Street in the heart of Midtown, and easily accessible by transit, our venue has been a popular performance space for nearly 50 years, and we are happy to carry on the tradition and history of this remarkable place.

Juicy Dumpling in Midtown

Juicy Dumpling
is a fast casual restaurant that serves an authentic taste of Shanghai in an accessible and convenient setting, allowing you to explore the flavors of Shanghainese foods everyday

2150 Yonge St
(416) 489-2068 : (647) 352-5678

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Padaria (Brazilian bakery)

Padaria is a home away from home. The place you go to comfort the heart with the family and friends, grab a warm “Pão Francês”, eat a freshly made sandwich and order your favorite cake for any occasion, all designed and created with love by our talented team. We desire to present the best we have to offer in products, ingredients, and hospitality. Padaria is a place to warm up the soul!

Açaí Concept (Brazilian restaurant)

Açaí, a typically Brazilian fruit, is one of the most flavorful fruits and favorite fruits of Brazilians. Its consumption brings many health benefits.

2039 Yonge St
(647) 514-5933

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Think Coffee Inc fueled by HotBlack Coffee

Think.Popup. fueled by @hotblack_coffee
Two blocks north of Davisville Subway on the sunny side of the street.