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Flourish Health Clinic

Multidisciplinary health clinic called Flourish – Naturopathic medicine, yoga, acupuncture, therapy, massage.
We get it. We see you isolated, working, cooking, managing, parenting, cleaning all of it! Amidst the backdrop of of global pandemic. We’re with you!
Join us to develop some tools to cope with stress and promote health at home.
Dr. Aisling Lanigan

Dr Meera Dossa

“Good health begins in the gut” – This is the principle for which Dr. Meera Dossa, ND has been practicing for more than 10 years. Dr Meera’s clinical experience has been based on the concept of healing the body using remedies and therapies that are safe and effective, that work to restore and support the powerful and inherent healing ability of the body, mind and spirit and to prevent further disease from occurring.

Nature’s Intentions Naturopathic Clinic – Dr Sushma Shah, N.D.; Dan Miron, Reiki Master

Nature’s Intentions Naturopathic Clinic offers you a huge variety of health tests that will not only help us diagnose you more accurately, but also help us determine and pin point the exact root of your underlying symptoms.