Ferris 360 – Gym

Welcome to Ferris360 – The Ultimate High-Intensity Full-Body Workout

Ferris360 is not just another gym, we offer a carefully-crafted, signature 60 minute full-body session – the ultimate workout!

Our Mission: To deliver the ultimate 60-minute group workout with the feel of a personal training session.

Our Approach: Our goal is to provide you with a kick-ass, amazing workout that leaves you feeling motivated, empowered, and stronger than ever. We pride ourselves on having an incredible coaching team that will help you meet your personal goals through workouts that are designed for individuals of all abilities. We are all about creating a community where everyone is a part of the team and are committed to helping you get strong and stay strong!

1910 Yonge St, LC101
(647) 347-7707
[email protected]

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