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Centre Ring

It takes two words to describe Centre Ring and Wayne’s approach to fitness: Tough Love.

The tough part is evident from the rigorous workout which combines cardio, strength, and hand-eye coordination, in an hour long session. A program designed by Wayne, that draws from his professional experience as a Canadian boxing champion, and later, a personal trainer. And the love part is evident in the personal attention you get at Centre Ring. The camaraderie everyone shares. The acknowledgement is that while it never gets easier, you deserve respect for hanging in there. Wayne believes in giving you every cent’s worth. As Wayne says, “It’s not the Good Life. It’s the Tough Life.”

22 Balliol St East, Unit 107

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Barre Beautiful

The Barre Beautiful workout is an intense 55 minute workout that links Classical Dance Training, Strength Training and Pilates. This highly Intense workout challenges stability, balance and muscular endurance while promoting good posture. The physical result is a strong, sleek, long and lean physique – a dancer’s body. Other benefits include improved coordination, mind body awareness and graceful movement.

International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF)

We are an official member of the International Krav Maga Federation (IKMF), and home of the best self-defence system in the Greater Toronto Area! Whatever your age, fitness level, or experience, we will give you the skills and confidence to defend yourself in real life situations. Our techniques are practical, easy to learn, and effective. Come and see for yourself. Beginners are welcome! The first class is free!

2156 Yonge St (basement)
(416) 657-1028
[email protected]

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TKMT Toronto Kickboxing & Muay Thai Academy

Mission Statement: To promote the development of a strong mind, body and spirit through Muay Thai kickboxing in a motivational, inspirational and comfortable atmosphere. We strive to help everyone reach his or her full potential.

1992 Yonge St
(647) 391-4536

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Ferris 360 – Gym

Welcome to Ferris360 – The Ultimate High-Intensity Full-Body Workout

Ferris360 is not just another gym, we offer a carefully-crafted, signature 60 minute full-body session – the ultimate workout!

Our Mission: To deliver the ultimate 60-minute group workout with the feel of a personal training session.

Our Approach: Our goal is to provide you with a kick-ass, amazing workout that leaves you feeling motivated, empowered, and stronger than ever. We pride ourselves on having an incredible coaching team that will help you meet your personal goals through workouts that are designed for individuals of all abilities. We are all about creating a community where everyone is a part of the team and are committed to helping you get strong and stay strong!

1910 Yonge St, LC101
(647) 347-7707
[email protected]

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