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Davisville Law Office (Real Estate, Business, Wills & Estates, Family, Immigration, Litigation)

Our lawyers provide dedicated legal representation in the areas of Real Estate, Business Law, Wills & Estates, Family, Immigration and Litigation. Conveniently located in midtown Toronto, our office is accessible by subway, buses, with parking nearby.

1920 Yonge St, Suite 102
(416) 551-8794
[email protected]

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Lancaster House (Publishing on Labour, Employment, Human Rights Law)

Lancaster House Publishing is a leader in providing thoroughly researched information on labour, employment, and human rights law. Our mandate is to serve the needs of employees, employers, professional organizations, unions, management, and labour and employment law practitioners.

1881 Yonge St, #200
(416) 977-6618
[email protected]

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Hope Springs Fertility Law (Fertility Law)

At Hope Springs, our professional and experienced team will help guide you through the complex and emotional process of creating a family with the use of Assisted Reproductive Technology.

We have represented countless couples, single intended parents, gestational carriers and egg donors across Canada and globally.

1881 Yonge St, Suite 404
(647) 728-4673
[email protected]

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Bookman Law Firm (Family Law)

1881 Yonge St, #504
(416) 488-1241

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Schwarz Law LLP

Schwarz Law Llp is a small but powerful law firm that focuses on business, commercial & real estate law.

1984 Yonge St
(416) 486-2040

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TWL Law Professional Corporation

TWL Law is a Canadian Law Firm which focuses on Business Law, Insurance Defence, Civil Litigation and Employment Law. We deliver to our customers that which we would prefer to buy: The services of bright and effective lawyers along with high quality legal solutions. At the same time, we always aim to fuse the best legal outcome with cost effectiveness, value and efficiency.

1835 Yonge St, Suite 603
(416) 570-2789
[email protected]

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Linett & Timmis – Barristers & Solicitors

Linett & Timmis is a boutique personal injury law firm specializing in representing accident victims and injured plaintiffs. They deal with complex legal issues on a daily basis, with over 30 years of experience ensuring their clients get the compensation they deserve.

1867 Yonge St, Suite 1004
(416) 366-5100
[email protected]

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