Dr. Michael M. Henry, MD, FRCSC

Dr. Henry received his medical degree from the University of Toronto Medical School, completed his Ophthalmic residency at McGill University and a neuro-ophthalmology fellowship from Washington University in St. Louis, MI. He was Chief of Ophthalmology at Branson Hospital and later at North York General Hospital for nearly 20 years. He acted as chairman on the section of ophthalmology of the Ontario Medical Association and headed that division from 1998-2000. For 10 years, Dr. Henry ran the OMA Day in Primary Eye Care, which provides up to date ophthalmic information to physicians.

Dr. Henry has special interests and extensive experience with cataract surgery and the treatment of glaucoma. He was one of the earliest Canadian adapters of lens implant surgery with a particular interest in the treatment of anterior segment problems.

1849 Yonge Street, #202
(416) 787-1121

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