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Sage & Feather Massage Therapy

Your Therapist: Lauren Holborn RMT

I am the creator of Sage & Feather Massage Therapy. I’de like to tell you a bit about me, my past, and my vision for the future, I am originally from a very small town in NorthWestern Ontario, growing up directly in nature has had a profound effect on me and my outlook on life. I was inspired early on in my life by my maternal metis (native/french) grandmother who taught me foot massage as a child, to pursue massage as a career. With a mixing of my love for the tranquility of nature and my passion for increasing others ability to reach a place of peace within themselves through physical touch I have developed through my career as a massage therapist.

Massage is a healing art uniquely directed towards the harmonization of the healing frequencies within the physical body. Yes, I am your therapist, but more so I am your catalyst, your own body has all the healing abilities you will ever need, lets discover it.

I have been in practice for 5 years, working in a wide variety of settings including chiropractic clinics, massage therapy clinics and spas in Toronto and Ottawa Ontario.

My style is a unique conglomeration of skills learned both in my 2 year massage training at Everest College in Thunder Bay and my own practice during the last 5 years in the city of Toronto. I pull from several modalities including fascial release techniques, swedish relaxation, thai, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy.

RMT 360

RMT360 provides registered massage therapy, acupuncture and wellness treatments from a studio based in the Yonge/Eglinton, Yonge/Davisville area. Emphasis in improving overall wellness and health through manual therapies, body awareness and mindfulness.

21 Imperial St., First Floor
(437) 688-8585

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Sutherland-Chan Clinic

At Sutherland-Chan Clinic we are dedicated to providing effective treatment which adheres to the highest professional standards in a safe and caring environment. Our primary goal is to facilitate an opportunity for positive change, a healthier lifestyle and improved self awareness.

2030 Yonge St at Davisville

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